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A Mom’s Celebrity Valentine’s Day Mailing List in May


I’m having a difficult time knowing what to say on this blog. (Tell me people what you want to hear. I know you can’t leave comments right now, so send me a message via twitter or facebook or the email feature here, you know how to find me.) To fight my writer’s block I’m using writing prompts, little instructions on what to write, as a way to put something down while I wait for your requests. I just opened an email list of prompts from a few months ago and the one I landed on was, write 7 celebrities you would like to give Valentines to (I’m guessing this is a list from February). It seems a bit out of season, but hey, love is always in fashion right? So here it goes:

7 Celebrities I would like to give Valentines to

First, I’m not a big celeb fan. Hollywood is not in my interest bank at all, so the definition of celebrity for my purposes is a little loose. Celebrity is in the eye of the beholder after all.

1.     Teacher Lorelei. That’s right in our house the preschool teacher is a genuine superstar. She does crafts I would NEVER do at home, twice a week she manages a classroom of 12 three-year olds (who does that?) and my daughter Gracie thinks she can do no wrong. Easy first one. She earns chocolate and roses and champagne daily.

2.     Angelina Jolie. Considering her last few months, I’d say she deserves a Valentine/Get Well card. I know thousands of women deal with similar situations every day and don’t get the paparazzi attention she does about it, but that’s part of the amazing part to me, how did she pull it off under wraps? And though her breasts are in this week’s news, she’s bringing attention to the often unknown, undiagnosed ovarian cancer as well. All for that.

3.   Caillou. He is the reason I have half an hour of quiet to write this down. Caillou we have a love/hate relationship. I realize that. But in moments of need you always come through. Whining and all. So here’s an On Demand Valentine that lasts about 24 minutes.

4.       Taylor Swift. Or “Taylor” as she is known in our house of girls is one of my faves. I officially have a tween, and the fact she has a red carpet walking, People magazine cover donning, Grammy award winning celebrity to look up to, that I approve of! Well enough said. And where would we be without the song “Mean”? On behalf of nice girls everywhere, Taylor this one’s for you.

5.       Barack Obama. Okay some of you are rolling your eyes that I would include our nation’s President on a celebrity list, but let’s face it he’s famous. Famous equals celebrity right? Let’s pretend politics don’t exist right now. I think he’s pretty amazing. He is modeling fathering girls to a nation that needs to see a committed father. Besides, I couldn’t let Caillou be the only boy on the list.

6.     Missy Franklin. A shout out to the local girl. Colorado native, Olympic swimmer, who just graduated from high school for goodness sake, this week inspired my girls to join summer swim team! I’ll probably be cursing her name in a few months when I’m spending my Saturday morning sweating through a swim meet, but now of clear mind and comfortably sweat free, I put Missy in the same category as Taylor: A great role model for my girls. Missy, I’ll send your Valentine from Loveland, CO.

7. My husband. Okay adding to the boy count. But how can I not end with him? If ever I were to send a Valentine in May, he would get it (we celebrate 15 years of marriage this month). He has my heart and real celebrity status in our house. No one else gets 4 girls and 1 grown woman cheering when they pull in our driveway. Not to end on a mushy note, but it’s for real.

There’s my make believe list of celebrity Valentine’s Day card receivers in May. Who would you send to? Oh wait, you can’t comment. I forgot. You know how to find me if you must tell me.

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