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Today I’m linking up again with the Five Minute Friday crowd. We all write for 5 minutes on  a word, no editing, just write and publish. This week’s word: Song.



I had to look it up on my iphone, what was it? It had been so long. There it was, I did remember, “Let’s Stay Together,” by Al Green. I pressed play and there I was again on the dance floor, fifteen years ago this week. We were dancing, me in my white dress that was heavy and light all at once. With the sequins and the train pulled up. You in your tuxedo. Both of us looking too young to be getting married, I think I looked twelve, but both so ready to say “yes”.

I hated that everyone was watching us dance this first dance as husband and wife. You chose the song because it had that hipster Motown flavor to it. It was different than what was expected. I didn’t really  care about the music so I let you. But I did care that we looked silly on the dance floor trying to make it work.


I’ve given up caring in the last fifteen years. About what we look like that is. I care so much more about your heart and your growth. Your dedication and your spirit. Sometimes we don’t have time to talk about these things. The four girls that fill our house, our time clock and our hearts can take over the conversation, by their presence or necessity.

But the song says, “Through good or bad or happy or sad” and yes it has been. I dance with you to the next fifteen and beyond.


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