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It’s Game Day or Returning from MOMcon

I stood up, grabbed my bags from under the seat in front of me and said, “It’s game time.”

We were ending our plane conversation when I said the words. Me and my row-mate wearing his Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt. It was a Sunday in October, so game day pride was shown all over our plane. Many in departure city wear, like my new friend and many in the Broncos blue and orange for our destination city. It was a different kind of game day for me, re-entry with my family after five days away with MOPS leaders from every corner of the country and the world.

He laughed and said, “My game’s on DVR, but I guess you can’t DVR yours.”

Then I was the one to laugh. Nope. No pause for later, no fast forward through the boring or scary parts. Motherhood cannot be recorded for when it’s convenient.

It is now.

It is live.

And we don’t have a red shirt option.

Since getting home yesterday I have unloaded the dishwasher 3 times, loaded it twice, gone to the grocery store, made chicken noodle soup, done 3 loads of laundry, unpacked 2 suitcases, replied to a week’s worth of emails, made waffles, called babysitters to thank them, called friends to tell them about the trip, driven soccer carpool, gone to the elementary school twice, planned a soccer team party, arranged for a sitter, made a coffee date for Tuesday, scheduled a playdate for Wednesday, paid bills, gotten up with a child with a nightmare and listened to my husband do the same.

Motherhood. It’s game day every day.

And MOMcon 2013 was my break. Although I got less hours of sleep than usual, had my introverted self pushed to the point of tears, and worked from 7:30a.m. on, in some ways, in my soul kind of way, I felt more rested when I left than when I arrived.

Thanks MOPS leaders for joining me in a weekend of refreshment though there was little rest involved. I’ve got to make it last until next year. See you in Louisville. Until then you’ll find me suiting up for the action. Because for us moms it’s game day every day.

P.S. I got this great photo from the MOPS International Facebook page where friends from MOMcon uploaded their pictures. Put yours there too so we can see your pretty face.

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