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Today’s reading is Psalm 27:1-4

Here is a snippet

“I’m asking God for one thing,

Only one thing:

To live with him in his house

My whole life long.

I’ll contemplate his beauty;

I’ll study at his feet.”

Psalm 27:4

I’ve spent a lot of time in my house in the last week. There were some days that were too cold to leave. When the high is in the single digits and the snow crunches under our steps because it is frozen, my motivation is on the low side. In fact, I had days where there was NO desire to go outside. Besides what was inside, was for a few moments at a time, quite lovely.

We have a few Christmas decorations up (we’re kind of minimalists), a fire that turns on with a remote (I know totally weird, but totally wonderful at the same time) and the Christmas hymns Pandora station playing. For moments it feels like a Christmas wonderland. Like a taste of heaven as I sip my coffee and watch the snowflakes fall outside the window.

And then my kids start scratching each other in the other room and blood curdling screams remind me I’m actually quite far from heaven. But I do dream of what it might be like and I’m thankful for the hints of home I’m offered.

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