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A Totally Imperfect Advent, Part 2

A Totally Imperfect Advent Part 2

So I set out to write every day about the daily readings for Advent that I’m following. And this weekend I failed. Last week’s theme for the readings centered on preparation. And this weekend I was preparing for Christmas in the tangible sense. Cutting down a tree, decorating it, shopping for girls and with girls (that can get tricky, trying to hide what you’re buying from your shopping companions).

And preparing to leave tomorrow for two days on a work trip. Confirming babysitters, grocery shopping, and promising girls they will survive a few days without me.

All of that preparing has kept me from taking a few minutes to reflect on the readings. And I told myself from the start that skipping some days would be okay.

We are now in the week of a light in the darkness. And this is what I found on my living room floor this morning. Everyone in our house coming to see the Baby Jesus (including a fellow Baby Jesus). So onward with the preparation of the heart, that feeling that Christmas is only days away and Jesus is near.

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