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A Prayer on National Siblings Day

Happy National Siblings Day: A Prayer for Sisters

It’s National Siblings Day, at least that’s what Honest Toddler tweeted and Google just confirmed. And today like almost every day I, an only child, consider what it means to raise a houseful of siblings. Do I let them fight it out? Push for apologies? Demand sharing? Do they sleep together? Pass down toys? Get the same number of gifts at Christmas? There doesn’t seem to be a formula that guarantees a tight sibling bond, so I do my best at making educated guesses in the area of sibling rivalry, I mean relationships.  

Four girls, all so different. Each one on her own holds my heart in her hands. So when they love each other well I can feel that four-parts-torn heart beat with an intensity and unity that rivals all joy.

On this National Siblings Day (a pseudo-holiday I’ve never before heard of) here are a few hopes for the brood of sisters I am raising.

My four girls, I pray you:

…always find each other at the end of a fight.

…know your differences are treasures.

…trust each other in all circumstances.

…are confident in the love your Dad and I will ALWAYS have for you.

…experience joy, comfort, acceptance through this thing called sisterhood.

…believe God made you sisters for good purposes.

…understand that giving you each other was the very best gift I could give you as your Mom.

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