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A new website – same ole me

A year and a half ago I had a book come out. A book that was my story where I tried to let women know they are not alone in the difficult parts of life and mothering. I figured some people would read and want to connect with me. And so I needed a place for them to find me and email me. So I put together a little blog (well actually my friend Scott did because it completely overwhelmed me to do anything beyond a Word document) and people DID email me. It was great to hear other women’s stories and humbling to hear the book was an encouragement to them. From Spain to Australia, Canada and the U.S. I just couldn’t believe it.



But then another thing started happening, people began emailing me saying they’d stumbled on my website and were learning about me there. I figured I needed to pay a little more attention to the place people are getting to know me. So Crystal at New Shop Design helped me do that. And believe me that was no easy task for her (remember I’m intimidated by anything beyond a Word document?) Kendall Parkhurst took some pictures of me (okay that’s an understatement she took hundreds of pictures.) And I picked the ones that felt the most like me, so that if you see me in real life someday you will recognize me and not wonder who I am. And this is what was born.

So if you want to keep up with the musings you can subscribe to this site. But don’t worry you won’t get inundated with emails. I will sometimes write on the blog, but I have a hard time keeping up with that (you know four kids and all.) Or maybe just know I’m here if you feel the need to send me a message. But mostly know that this is weird for me to have a website that feels so…well…all about me. But I guess that you’ve come here to learn some more and if I didn’t give you what you were looking for that would be disappointing. So here I am. Thank you Kendall for making me look good. Thank you Crystal for having a different type of brain than I do to know how to make something like this work. And thank you friend for visiting my new site and reading this far.

We’ll talk soon.

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