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What it means to Be me, Bravely



In a world that screams what I should be, how I should look, what I should wear and how I should spend my time, this is what I choose to believe:

I believe that I am….

…made for great things. For rocking babies, holding friends’ hands, praying on behalf of those who can’t mutter the words.

…more beautiful with stretch marks and grey roots and sun spots on my face. They are the marks of new life, life lived, and days outside with the people I love.

…a world changer with every bedtime story, afternoon snack, phone conversation. I serve those around me with my full heart and this corner of the world, my corner, is impacted by my love.

…growing better with age. As the laugh lines stay they tell the story of years of heart growth. Of friendships. Of marriage. Of motherhood. Of an expanded version of me.

…beautiful to the one who made me. Who knit me together in the in betweens of my own mother’s body. Who planned for me and knew of me as he threw the stars in the sky. I’ve been his since the beginning of time.

…born in this time and place in history for a purpose. To love God and others more each day in a unique way that only my circumstances can yield. That here is where I’m meant to be and where I’ll strive to thrive.

…made for courage. I will embrace this year ahead with bravery that my calling as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, neighbor, co-laborer all points to today. I will not take these jobs and roles lightly and I will approach them with confidence knowing I am no accident. I will grab this life with purpose, on purpose. Even in … especially in … the places where I have fear.

I am me, Bravely.


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