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Tell Your Daughter Who She Is, Go Ahead…I Dare You

I’ve been talking a bit the last week about joining the Daughter Dare that starts Monday, but I haven’t really explained what it is or why you’d want to. So it’s time to cover the basics and get psyched.

First, what is the Daughter Dare? Well, my friend who I adore more than almost anyone else on the planet, Krista Gilbert, has been doing “dares” as she calls them for the last few years. They are small series of challenges that help people have “meaning in a minute”. Her passion is family, especially the nuclear family who lives right with you at your house, and so she has created activities that are fun, simple and meaningful for you to connect with those most important to you.

So in the spirit of her dares we have created 7 days of simple ways to connect with your daughter from toddler to teen to help remind her of who she truly is. Because between the two of us we have girls that range that age span. We offer modifications on our challenges for kids who aren’t old enough to read yet or are already driving themselves around (yes, in real cars!) As moms we are the primary influence in our daughters’ identity development. Let’s challenge ourselves for one week to be a little intentional about reminding them of how God uniquely created them.

Here’s the thing we all connect naturally in given areas. Some of us are talkers, words are our thing, others of us are fun and games, we like to play with our kids, and some of us are givers through our service to our families, we love through feeding and cleaning and driving and all of the one hundred other things we do every day. We all love our children through all of these means, but we all have are our naturally wired defaults. There is no question, Krista is more “fun” than I am. So she more instinctively connects with her daughter through play. I don’t know what’s more natural for me (Krista is pretty great at everything), but I do know I need to be challenged to extend my love to my girls in ways that are a little out of my comfort zone because they might hit my daughters right in their sweet spots.

This is where the dare comes in. For 7 days we will give you assignments, or “dares”, via 3 to 5 minute videos that will arrive in your email inbox. Our goal is to help you reinforce to your girl who God has created her to be and who he says she is.


How does it work? All you have to do is head over to Meaning in a Minute’s website and sign-up for the Daughter Dare (it takes like 3 seconds). Starting October 20 when the dare launches, you will receive a daily email with your challenge for the day. Don’t worry if you are reading this on November 15th, you can still sign-up and get the dares for 7 days no matter the start date from now until infinity.

But here’s the thing, Krista and I believe almost anything is more fun when done with someone you love. (She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert and we agree on this. I might prefer to do it with one bestie and she’s pretty happy if the whole town joins in, regardless together is better spans the personality types.) So grab a friend, or twenty, and sign-up for the dare together. That way you can check in and see how things are going and challenge each other to follow through on the dares (because let’s be honest we all have great intentions on our own, but our friends’ encouragement is often what helps make it happen). However it works you I promise it will be fun and meaningful.

So go ahead, I dare you, take a risk and sign up for the 7 Day Daughter Dare.


Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ll be talking about. (Please ignore the incessant nodding, I obviously was agreeing with everything Krista was saying.)

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