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Last Minute Christmas Money Savings Tips

In a panic about spending, gifts and Christmas? A few last minute basics on keeping Christmas about more than money. Today at MOPS International’s Hello Darling blog, 5  Tactics to Minimize Money Stress Over the Holidays.

And a few ideas I didn’t include there that you can still put into practice this last week as you remember you still need to buy stocking stuffers:

Shop thrift: That’s right, your kids under the age of 6 will NOT know if something has been previously worn or played with if it’s in good shape. This shopping strategy doesn’t work if your son wants a particular Lego set or any toy of very specific standards, but if you know in general you want some new books and a push toy for the toddler, great! My youngest two are getting books under the tree from Santa that other children have already read. It’s recycling at it’s best.

Trade with friends: Okay I maybe just lied when I said thrifting was recylcing at it’s best, because what’s even better is when you swap with friends for FREE! This doesn’t have to be limited to kids’ gifts either. Have a friend on a budget who has some items she could regift, but can’t within her own family (because yes they were the source of said gifts)? Swap your similar candles, journals, bath soap, etc for hers. It’s like your own private White Elephant party.

Enjoy Christmas friends. It is meant for our celebration, not our stress. If we don’t spend what we don’t have (in other words if we spend what we are truly comfortable with) we will be more relaxed and able to focus on the miracle of the season.



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