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I want to “see” you (through my computer)

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Hi Friends,

As a MOPS leader I know Spring semester arrives after the Christmas chaos and we often aren’t sure what to do with all of the meetings ahead. I’m frequently asked to Skype with groups around the world and I love it, but can’t always say “yes” because of my family’s schedule. However, I’m feeling the need to “see” some of you and would love to schedule a time for us to get together via Skype.

On Tuesday, January 20th, I’ll be giving away 2 Skype calls. I’ll be picking “winners” (it feels strange for me to say that this a contest of any kind, I am not the prize here, you are the gift to me) from my email subscription list. If you’d like to be considered and already subscribe to my email great! If not, it’s super easy. Just put your email address into the subscription box to the right on this screen. I promise I don’t sell anything and I don’t write on my blog often enough, so I won’t be filling your email inbox with lots of junk.

And if you are part of a group, (I realize I’m stating the obvious here), the more people from your group who subscribe, the more likely it will be for us to “see” each other soon. This is not limited to MOPS groups. Book clubs looking for a new book to tackle this spring are welcome too. Click over to the Book page here and learn about The Artist’s Daughter.

I hope to be seeing you soon.

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