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News From the Internet: Daughters, organizing and blogging

The last week I’ve hopped around visiting a few places on the world wide web and in case you missed them (and are interested) here were some of my stops:

First, the Hello Darling blog had a piece on one of my favorite things to write and talk about, mothers’ unique role in influencing their daughters. This one was on friendship titled What I Want My Daughters to Know About Girlfriends. Since MOPS is all about girlfriends, that seemed an appropriate place to talk about that.

Second, I was at Kathi Lipp’s, or rather she was at my house. Helping me better organize my clutter. There are even before and after pictures to prove that my mud room was transformed. You can see the transformation here.

Finally, the Evangelical Press Association announced I would be joining their annual convention as a plenary session speaker. I’ll be talking about the role of blogging in the publishing arena. You can read about the 2015 convention here.

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