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A Few Things From the Internet This Week (and It’s Only Tuesday)


Derek and I paused our Sunday night Netflix consumption to watch a story on our local NBC station. This story about Purple Door Coffee Shop is filled with Derek’s friends and soon to be partners. Providence Network is in the process of buying a property to house young adults coming off of the streets. They will be working with the staff at Dry Bones (in this video) who do an incredible job befriending the street youth of Denver and Purple Door coffee shop (of Belay Enterprises) who offer them job training. This is a story that will make your heart grow in size and realize hope lives in the bleakest of circumstances.I share it because it’s the part of my family I don’t talk about often, but plan to more. The what my husband does all day part.

And while we’re at it, I’ve been blogging a few other places this week and it’s only Tuesday! It’s the “How to” month at MOPS’ Hello, Darling blog. A month full of practical tips. And while my post a few weeks ago How to Get Out of the House Without Losing Your Mother Loving Mind, resonated with lots of moms, How To Host a Relaxing Playdate just posted yesterday. I’m not much of a practical tips person (I’m painfully unorganized and about two years behind in all things fashion – on a good year) but I can certainly share how a relaxed approach can be a gift to your guests when you leave the perfection expectations aside and invite your friends over.

Today I’m at Elisa Morgan’s new blog: Really sharing on what I like to call The Ministry of Awkward. Again giving up on perfection to show up even when we don’t know what will be waiting for us when we arrive. Are we willing to be the one who feels a little awkward in order to let someone else know they are not alone?

Happy Tuesday and beyond. This is the beginning of a productive week (which it needs to be because next week is Spring Break at our house which means nothing of the work variety, but lots of the fun variety, will get done.)

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