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It’s The Mother of all Mother’s Day Giveaways


I love a good deal. And I really love a free deal. And I really, really love moms. And Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday!

That said, I’m happy to be joining a whole bunch of other writer-types who also love moms in the Mother of all Mother’s Day Giveaways hosted by Grace for Moms.

It’ truly a great giveaway and there’s only one rule: if you win the bundle of books and $400 Visa gift card, you are only allowed to spend the money on yourself. No diapers, or swim team warm-ups or gift for your own mom. All you! Books are meant to be shared (and usually money is too), but in this case this Mother’s Day money is not. We said so and it’s our giveaway, so darn it, you have to obey right?

What are you waiting for? Head over to Grace for Moms, meet Jessica and Kristy who run that site (they are the real-deal-great-friends ladies) and take 4.7 seconds to enter this amazing giveaway. It’s not a contest. No need to write an essay, send a picture or share anything on Facebook. We simply are giving away, which sounds a lot like grace for moms doesn’t it?

You’ll be thanking me when you’re at the mall, or the spa, or on the airplane (because you really could win enough $ for all of those things!) reading one of your fabulous new books. You’re welcome.

Happy Mother’s Day


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