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5 Friends I’d Like You To Know (Summer Version)

5 Friends I'd Like You to Know (Summer Version)

About 6 months ago I did a post about 5 friends I think more people should know (and follow in this cyber space world.) If you missed the post, you can find it here because they are truly lovely and I’d like to introduce you.

Well it’s right about the smack dab middle of summer and feels like it’s time for another version of 5 Friends. These are ladies that will add to your summer fun and peace of mind. Whether it’s backyard barbeques or finding the right sandals at the right price, I think you will want to know more of them. In fact, I’m confident you will. It is my honor to introduce you to:

Meghan Cobble: Meghan is my kind of shopper, the thrifty kind. And she is my kind of dresser in that she breaks down her outfits item by item so those of us who aren’t quite as fashion forward (ahem…me) can understand why her combinations look so great together. She is also an artist and a designer. She has everything from an online shop (at real deals here, think personal shopper who trolls the thrift stores!) to a blog with words that twist and roll like you would expect from a super creative type. Check out Meghan for both bargain shopping and inspiration.

Courtney DeFeo:
Courtney is about family fun. Her book In This House We Will Giggle says it all. But she not only writes words about fun she gives us products to help facilitate connections at home. From her Conversation Cups to ABC Scripture Cards you can find beautiful items to help your family connect. I haven’t met either Meghan or Courtney in person, but am looking forward to a weekend in September when we are getting together with some other writer/speaker types. It will be great to give them real life hugs as they already feel dear to me.

Sarah Harmeyer:
Sarah is the founder of Neighbor’s Table, a movement of sorts she started in her Texas backyard that is spreading across her great state, the South and beyond. You may have seen heard her at the IF: Gathering and heard how her dad handcrafts the outdoor tables and she promotes the around the table movement under the hashtag #ALoveMission. She is a true hostess who makes everyone feel welcome and reminds us there is always more room at the table. Instagram is the place she hangs out most often, so follow her there to see some inspiration for summer dining.

As You Wish Design (Kendra and Kristin): This is really a two-fer, two for the price of one, because you get both of these ladies in one place. They are the creative force and artisans behind the hand stamped custom jewelry line that is PERFECT for that hard to find gift. I have multiple pieces they have made just for me, and they are treasures to both receive and wear. And their name comes from The Princess Bride which shows they have excellent taste.

Kristen Strong: Do you have some change afoot? Not sure how you’re going to deal with it? Well Kristen has just the thing for you: her new book, Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You Through Life’s Transitions, which releases in September. As a military wife Kristen has moved. Often. Change is something she’s quite familiar with and will help us all as we transition back to fall and the routine of non-summer life. But before we get ahead of ourselves and start thinking about school again, you can find her at her blog Chasing Blue Skies. Now that sounds more like summer doesn’t it?

These 5 Friends are the people that came to mind when I thought of you and who I’d like to introduce you to during the lazy days of summer. They will help us  feel refreshed and renewed during this season’s halfway mark. Head over to their cyberspots and get to know them a little better. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

* Sidenote: I just realized all of these women have either products or books they are selling as part of the work I mentioned. Just to be clear I’m getting no financial kick-backs here. These are purely relationships of the heart and I want more people to know them. So why not start here?

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