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Reclaiming Home, A Book For Modern Parents

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Well it’s officially back to school time. My youngest started preschool last week and now that Labor Day has come and gone, moms all over the country have their school-aged kids working at their kitchen tables or sitting in classrooms learning (hopefully) the magic of reading.


So it seemed fitting that I do a little bit of jumping in the books myself. And since there are so many books that are releasing this month that I’m excited about, I’m going to feature a different one every Tuesday here, well until I’m done.


And I’m into books these days because one month from today my second manuscript ever is due to the publisher. So guess why I haven’t been writing here much? I’ve been using up all of my 50,000+ words on that little project. But I can’t let the opportunity pass without highlighting books to read this fall and winter.


It only seems fitting that my first feature would be on Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide For Life, Love & Legacy by Krista Gilbert. Why? Because Krista is my bosom friend as Anne of Green Gables referred to her Diana. We met when I was a freshman in college and Krista was the wise senior with the serious boyfriend. I had a major crush on her boyfriend’s best friend and …. well the rest is history. We married both of those college boys (well we each only married one of them) and our lives have been intertwined ever since.


I have learned more from Krista about HOW I want to live than probably anyone else. As I’ve watched how intentional she is with her kids and her friends and her husband, I’ve seen the kind of woman I want to be. As I’ve watched her open her heart to whoever is right in front of her, I’ve wondered how I could do the same. As I’ve watched her ask someone a few questions, I’ve seen strangers open up and share important life details. Sometimes I’ve chalked these parts of Krista up to her extroverted side. I can’t be the kind of mom, wife, friend she is, because I’m not wired that way I’ve thought.


But I’ve learned my introvert self can do the same. She has taught me life is a series of captured moments. It’s HOW you capture those moments that makes the difference. There is no reason I can’t ask people great questions and listen well. That I can’t plan dinner earlier in the day so I’m not stressed at 5:00 when everyone’s telling me they’re hungry. That I can’t turn off my cell phone when I pick my kids up from school. I have watched and learned from Krista that our home life is small decision after small decision.


Here is why I’m excited today: now ALL OF US can learn from this woman about the practical things she does to live out of her priorities. Isn’t that what we all want? Chapter after chapter Krista shares her very real-world ideas on how she creates a home and a family where people feel appreciated and welcomed. I mean it. You will not read this book without at least 10 ideas you can implement in your family life that will help you manage and prioritize what needs to get done in the way you want it to get done.


I will close with my official endorsement you will find inside the book:


“For the parent who feels life’s pace spinning out of control, for the parent who wants to be more intentional with family time but doesn’t know where to begin, for the parent who is afraid the years are slipping away, Reclaiming Home is your go-to book. Krista Gilbert has packed these pages with practical ideas on incorporating the meaningful into your family’s routine. It is simply impossible to read this book and not find some inspiration and ideas you can implement today. Reclaiming Home is a solution-driven book to tackling modern parenting’s dilemmas.”


This book debuts to the world today. I am proud of my friend for writing it, but more importantly I am proud of her for having and LIVING the message she does. You can click here to find this precious book on Amazon.



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