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Let’s Talk This Wednesday

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My pastor Steve often refers to a “convo”. It’s a conversation in any form really. From the pulpit, to open mic during a Sunday service, to a coffee date with a friend. It’s always about the back and forth. The sharing and the listening.

So let’s have a convo this Wednesday about the new book. Or anything really. Here’s the fun part. It’s live. So you ask questions or comment and we respond. Wait we? You ask. Who’s we? Well that’s the really fun part. This will be a convo between me and you and my friends Krista Gilbert and Tammy Strait.

Krista and Tammy live in the same little Idaho town, so they will be together in real life. I’ll be reporting from Denver and you will be reporting from wherever you are. In your jams with your coffee. In your kitchen. At your office.

We’ll be talking about the new book (Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me), writing, experiments and anything else that comes up.

Here are the details. We will all gather at 10:30a.m. Mountain Time this Wednesday through Zoom. Click here to register. There are limited spots for those who can participate directly in the conversation.

We’ll be giving away books and answering your questions. Who knows where this will go.

So what do you say? Join the convo? Just click over to register now and we’ll see you Wednesday!

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