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Loving My Actual Summer: A Six-Week Series for Moms

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It’s Day One around here. Of Summer. My children got out of school on Friday. I’m slightly terrified. Just based on how the weekend went. Sure we had lots of fun. Soccer games and water fights in the backyard with swimming suits and barefeet. And finally church after being gone a month of Sundays. Kind of what summer is supposed to be.


But we also had arguments over television, taking the trash out and “she said that in a mean voice.” I mean really?! Could we get any more cliché around here?


And I have some regrets about last summer. Allowing my eldest to have free reign on her phone use. Not enough structure or outside playtime. I want to be intentional this summer. This doesn’t mean the “most fun evah” as in straight weeks of Disneyworld, but capturing the meaningful within our actual summer plans. I want to connect with my kids and help them connect with each other. I want to make memories, not of the epic variety, but of the heart-shaping kind.


We have a whole lot of days ahead of us. Me and my girls in this house. And I need to figure out how to survive them. But more than that I want this summer to count for something. I only have a few more with Gabi at home before summer jobs and parties potentially take over.


So that’s why I’m teaming up with my friend Krista Gilbert to do The Summer Survival Series, a 6-week live chat for moms. Because Krista is SO good at all of these practical ideas on things like how to tackle screen time and fitting in exercise and sibling bickering. And you are too. This is definitely a crowd sourcing kind of event. We’ll give our ideas, but so will those who login.


Every Wednesday we’ll be online for half an hour (starting at noon ET) talking about one summer survival related subject. We’re doing it live so if you have ideas or questions you can chime in. But we’re also recording it so you can watch in the middle of the night if that’s when you’re up folding laundry.


We’ll have a few special guests. A few giveaways. And lots of ideas about how to structure the summer for success. Because we won’t get this one ever again. The toddler might need to stay on a nap schedule, the eight-year old might be cranky, and the teenager might be dealing with some heavy stuff. Whatever your circumstances, they make up your actual summer. Let’s work within these realities and make this summer the best we can.


This week we will start off by talking about structuring summer. The big picture. The components. The goals we have. Getting started well. All things I know I need.

So click here to sign-up for the link and join us for a few minutes on Wednesday. We can do this summer well. I know we can.

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