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Advent Begins Today. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, begins today. This news is not meant to bring you stress, but a reminder that we can settle in to the holiday. Now is a practical time of preparation, we are starting the decorating, shopping, planning, but it is also a time of internal preparation. It is in these four upcoming weeks that we get to sit in the miracle that God pursued us when he stepped onto earth. And he pursues us today.

Churches around the globe are lighting the Hope candle today. Together we remember that Jesus is the hope of the world. When he entered humanity’s story everything changed. It is remembering the promises he has given us and trusting in those over our circumstances.

Ten minutes a day of focusing in on the miracle can change everything for us this Christmas season. Any of these resources can help you do that. As the Christmas carol O Holy Night says,  “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” If you are weary today I’m with you. May we feel that thrill of hope as we consider the miracle of Jesus, fully human, fully divine, that is Christmas.

Here are a few Advent resources that are meant to help you. Please understand me when I say these are not supposed to feel like one more to-do on your Christmas obligations list. These are meant to help you settle into this holiday with some intentionality. And you are not meant to do them all. Pick one or two that work for you.

Loving My Actual Christmas Bible Study, here on the downloads page of my website.

Episode 106 of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast, Family Advent: How to Focus the Season on Love, Joy, Peace & Hope

The Advent Story, A Family Guide by Krista Gilbert

A Christmas Paper Chain, 25 Activities to Do With Your Kids

Bloomtown Faith Family Devotion, a family podcast by Gather & Grow

However you prepare this Advent season, know I’m cheering you on. Many of us make Christmas happen for those around us. Dare I say we stage manage the holiday? And yet we have this set aside preparation time in Advent to regain the wonder of this incredible news that God so loved the world he sent a baby.


Alexandra Kuykendall Loving My Actual ChristmasI wrote this book so we may all be reminded of God’s love for us. That’s what Christmas is, the annual marker that God loves us. It is my journey through Advent and Christmas as I experienced it last year. Part practical, part inspirational it offers my best hows and whys of celebrating this holiday. You can find it here.

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