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Summer Book Club: A Planner’s Guide (and 50% off)

Hey book club planners. I know you’re out there. I’m starting to get questions from you about upcoming book prices and such. Which leads me to do some summer thinking: open schedules, kids at home, hot days, and summer reading.

In May my publisher is offering a 50% promotion for Loving My Actual Life. If you buy 10 or more copies on direct2church.com your checkout price will automatically be reduced to $7.50 per copy. That’s as low as I’ve ever seen it anywhere! So grab 10 copies and 10 friends and get your summer reading planned!

Thank you to @ohhcallie for this image

Here is why I think Loving My Actual Life is great for a summer group read:

  • It’s light. We aren’t covering big theological issues. We aren’t debating the latest headlines. We’re talking laundry piles and meal planning and exercise routines.
  • It’s helpful. At least that’s what I’ve heard from readers. Because it’s practical. Stuff you can try as you read and then report back to the group.
  • It’s paced. A nine-month experiment, with each chapter representing a different area of struggle. Why not make it nine-weeks and your schedule is set?
  • It’s already planned. Questions at the end of every chapter are meant for groups to discuss together. You don’t have to come up with questions. It’s covered right there in the pages.
  • I could join you. I’m giving away two video calls with book groups this summer. If you email me the receipt for your bulk purchase in May, I’ll randomly select two groups to visit via the interwebs. (alex@alexandrakuykendall.com)

So if you are looking for an end of year gift for your MOPS moms, or the teachers in your life or you just want to get a book club started, might I suggest this as your book? It’s affordable and easy to manage.

You planner types make stuff happen for those around you. Here is my effort to make your life a little easier.


P.S. If you’re really a planner, you might already be thinking of Christmas. In May there will also be a 50% discount on Loving My Actual Christmas for bulk purchases. (That’s $5 a book!) Click over to direct2church.com and get your Christmas shopping done now. And let me say, I’m really impressed.


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