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Gratitude, Remembering, and Sending Kids to Young Life Camp

It’s May, so of course I’m running. It’s the end of year EVERYTHING. Parties and games and concerts. Not to mention teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, and in our house a birthday and anniversary. But this Memorial Day I’m literally running. And remembering. Remembering the gifts God has given me, the people who have loved me, and the message that is truly Good News.

When I consider my actual life and all of it’s run around, I do so in the context of gratitude. I am grateful for the people in my home that have healthy bodies and brains to function in school and soccer. I am grateful for a husband who is celebrating 20 years of marriage with me this week. (I can and can’t believe that at the same time.) I am grateful to know that God loves me, knew me from the beginning of my days, and offers me a better way than just the crazy hustle of this world.

I’m also grateful that someone told me the Good News of God’s love when I was a teenager. Young Life, a ministry to teenagers around the world, plays a big part in my faith story. My high school leaders introduced the ideas and answered the questions, I went to camp and years later worked at camp, my husband and I were on Young Life staff when we started dating 22 years ago. God has used Young Life for good in my life. That’s an understatement, he has used the ministry in profound ways.

So this Memorial Day, I am joining 120,000 runners for a little 10k here in Colorado called the Bolder Boulder (more accurately I’ll be joining the woggers). And I’m remembering. Of course remembering how grateful I am for the freedoms I live under and the people who have made them possible. I’m remembering the choice over and over to offer and receive grace in my marriage. And I’m remembering the people who made it possible for me to attend Young Life camp almost 30 years ago. I’m running as part of Team Young Life to raise money for students at Denver’s North High School to go to camp this summer.

In an era when the latest tragic headlines feature another story about isolated teenagers, I want to do something tangible and local. Supporting my local Young Life leaders (see their cute faces below), caring adults who are investing in kids, is one way I can. Not to mention my chance to do what some adult years ago did for me, and cover the cost to attend a week-long camp filled with fun, conversation, and true good news.

Won’t you join me, by remembering who first told you about God’s relentless love, and give a teenager the chance to hear that message? Young Life’s tagline is “You Were Made For This”. I’d say we are. We are made to hold up the message of love for each other to see. Click here to help send a kid from Denver to camp. Thanks in advance.

May we remember and give out of gratitude and love,


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