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Read my new book before it releases!

I have a new book releasing April 2! And I’d love you to read it before anyone else does. Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Treasure the People Right in Front of You is my response to the disconnect I observe all around me. Jesus was clear, loving God and our neighbors is our main job description as we walk this planet. I’ve found many of us want to love our neighbors, but we don’t know how. This is a book about the starting places and the how.

We are putting together a team of people who get access to the book before it releases! People who will read and try out the practices and tell their friends about what they’ve learned. So that when release week comes there will already be some people who can say, “Yes I’ve read this” and hopefully can offer an endorsement in their own little circles. This group will also give me some ideas as we spread the word that loving our neighbors is possible.

To make it official, we are calling this group the Loving My Actual Neighbor Book Launch Team. We’ll do some chats, you’ll get some other sneak peeks into book promotions and we’ll have lots of fun. How can you say no? Right? It’s simple. Just click the link here and we’ll walk through you a few steps. We are taking applications through tomorrow, Friday, March 7. So don’t delay, because I want to give YOU a sneak peek.

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