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There’s a good chance we haven’t met face to face. And yet I know some things about you. You’re living your actual life in the intersection of expectations and reality. I know you are created to uniquely reflect the One who molds our hearts and knits our bodies. That you are an imperfect person who has been loved by imperfect people. That you find yourself in a world that often feels upside down and you are designed to be a messenger of hope to the other souls right around you.

Here are a few things about me. I’m a city girl who calls Denver home. I live with my family in the shadow of downtown. I married a man with a heart for the poor, not just the poor in spirit, but the poor in resources too. We are raising four daughters born over a nine year span. We live a regular kind of life if soccer practice in the snow and amazing grace can be considered regular.

You may have looked me up because of the podcast I cohost with my friend Krista Gilbert over at The Open Door Sisterhood. Maybe you know me from my involvement with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International. MOPS is a ministry to mothers of young children all over the world and I have been part of this force of moms for a decade and a half. You may have looked me up because of my books and they peaked your interest. Or perhaps this is an accident and you don’t know how you linked to this site, but then even better. I like surprises. Whatever the reason I hope we connect. I’ll be glad to know you.

Here are some other things you might care about. Many years ago, before stretch marks and mortgages were even concepts in my consciousness, I lived in the Pacific Northwest. I’m often invited to speak to women’s groups (usually of the church variety) on issues of expectations, contentment and purpose. (And with my newest book sometimes I get to talk about Christmas!). My biggest hope is the stories of my everyday in an upside down world life, whether written or spoken, will be a reminder to you that you are not alone. In mothering struggles. In marriage. In doubts about how God works in a world where it’s sometimes hard to hear him. And that you will know that you are seen, loved and called by the One who created you. That you were made for now. On purpose.



These are some of my favorite places. Because they are about God and people and how the two intersect. They are about discomfort and love and grace. The nitty gritty of real life relationships where forgiveness and heartache and sweat and regret all mix together and land at grace. To know me, is to know these places.


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