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“Ears that hear and eyes that see—     the Lord has made them both.” –Proverbs 20:12 I felt my sore throat before I got on the plane to start my trek home. By my connecting flight my nose was running and by the time I walked in my kitchen I was full-fledged sick. It came fast Read More

I’m writing this from 30,000 feet. Honestly not my favorite spot to be. I’m a bit of a nervous flier with a family of five at home. I prefer my feet on solid ground. But I’ve been invited to travel to Texas on what felt like something I must do. We have many invitations in Read More

There’s a ‘Christmas in July’ trend. From retail sales to themed summer parties, we may have finally arrived at the Christmas season lasting all year long. When I’ve seen or heard the expression this month, I’ve remembered a few interviews I had last Christmas. Interviews where we talked about making changes from traditions and difficult Read More

It’s May, so of course I’m running. It’s the end of year EVERYTHING. Parties and games and concerts. Not to mention teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, and in our house a birthday and anniversary. But this Memorial Day I’m literally running. And remembering. Remembering the gifts God has given me, the people who have loved me Read More

Hey book club planners. I know you’re out there. I’m starting to get questions from you about upcoming book prices and such. Which leads me to do some summer thinking: open schedules, kids at home, hot days, and summer reading. In May my publisher is offering a 50% promotion for Loving My Actual Life. If Read More

I’m waking up this morning to a mess in my kitchen. A huge hole in my row of lower cabinets, a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, and a new dishwasher turned on its side waiting for someone to install it into that gaping hole. This is not the fresh start, clean slate, new beginning I Read More

Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, begins today. This news is not meant to bring you stress, but a reminder that we can settle in to the holiday. Now is a practical time of preparation, we are starting the decorating, shopping, planning, but it is also a time of internal preparation. It is in Read More

Hey there. I know. Christmas?! Now? It hit 97 degrees this weekend in Denver, a bit difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. And yet, we’ve switched that calendar day over and we are now officially past Labor Day. Which means we are on one fast slide toward Christmas. What can I tell you about Read More

It’s that time of year. Our kids get their back to school supply lists and we remember that August is an expensive month. But don’t you feel a little jealous? Those pencil boxes and Trapper Keepers get me in the mood for something new. A new challenge. New lesson. New reading. Because who are we Read More

Who’s ready to be thinking all things Christmas in August?! No one really is I realize. But in just four weeks I have a Christmas book releasing into the world and I’d love a few friends to get in the holiday spirit with me (even if it’s happening in 85 degree weather while sitting poolside.) Read More