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I’m waking up this morning to a mess in my kitchen. A huge hole in my row of lower cabinets, a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, and a new dishwasher turned on its side waiting for someone to install it into that gaping hole. This is not the fresh start, clean slate, new beginning I Read More

Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, begins today. This news is not meant to bring you stress, but a reminder that we can settle in to the holiday. Now is a practical time of preparation, we are starting the decorating, shopping, planning, but it is also a time of internal preparation. It is in Read More

Hey there. I know. Christmas?! Now? It hit 97 degrees this weekend in Denver, a bit difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. And yet, we’ve switched that calendar day over and we are now officially past Labor Day. Which means we are on one fast slide toward Christmas. What can I tell you about Read More

It’s that time of year. Our kids get their back to school supply lists and we remember that August is an expensive month. But don’t you feel a little jealous? Those pencil boxes and Trapper Keepers get me in the mood for something new. A new challenge. New lesson. New reading. Because who are we Read More

Who’s ready to be thinking all things Christmas in August?! No one really is I realize. But in just four weeks I have a Christmas book releasing into the world and I’d love a few friends to get in the holiday spirit with me (even if it’s happening in 85 degree weather while sitting poolside.) Read More

The calendar has changed. And well it means it’s all downhill from here and soon we will be coasting right past Thanksgiving and heading into Christmas. If you’re like me, you’d like to be a planner, but usually you just wish you’d started a little earlier. This post isn’t for us procrastinators. It’s for the Read More

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m sure no one has been dying to know where I’ve been, but maybe those visiting this spot for the first time have found it a bit of a ghost town. And it’s hard to describe in words exactly where I’ve been which is why I’ve been Read More

  I’m always a bit sad when my kids go back to school. In the summer that is. After winter break I am ready for a fresh start. It’s probably part the whole New Year’s resolution fresh start thing, part cabin fever being stuck inside with the frigid cold and lots of chattering children, and Read More

Alex here and I will tell you I’m officially overwhelmed. Yep we still have almost a week of Christmas break left at our house (I mean really nearly 3 weeks of vacation for these kids?!) and I have a book deadline on the 15th. It’s going to be very cold and snowy around here the Read More

The Internet tells me today is International Day of the Girl. Well every day is the day of the girl around here. My 24-hours are filled with waking, clothing, feeding, driving, praying for, rolling my eyes at, arguing with, laughing with and totally loving (perhaps occasionally smothering) my four daughters. And there is much talk Read More