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Hello Beauty Full

I promised on Tuesdays for the next few weeks I'd be adding to the Back to School Reading List For Moms. Well let me introduce you to this gem of a book Hello Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan. Elisa's written a number of books, countless articles and spoken from many stages where I've sat on […] Read More


“Mom…you don’t have to be perfect!” I sensed a tension in her tone, but I was unsure the reason. Judgment? Disappointment? Recognition of hypocrisy personified right in front of her? My gaze moved from the mirror and landed on this girl standing next to me. This mini-me. This one watching and figuring out what it […] Read More

group cake (3)

There are a million reasons plus a million more why I think my daughters are fantastic and straight up beautiful. So I don’t think twice about talking to them about all the parts that make them who they are, like the choices they make, the things they like to play and who they are playing […] Read More


She’s wearing her hair in a side braid today. It falls over her left shoulder. At risk of sounding cliché, I swear she grew taller last night. Her neon yellow shorts accentuate how her legs are almost as long as mine, those legs that were formed in the darkness, swaddled by my hips. She is […] Read More