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The conversation between my husband and my four-year old last night at 5:30: “Daddy can we play on the ipad?” “What did Mommy say?” “She left.” “She’s not here?” “No.” “She left?” “She went to go play a game where you get a ticket and then you win millions and millions of dollars.” On a […] Read More

Change. It's inevitable. It can be exciting, for a moment. It can be scary, especially as it approaches. It can be exhausting, almost always. And yet we rarely talk about how to maneuver through it. Weeks ago, when I was in the crazy of finishing my book manuscript I had a number of friends who […] Read More

2009 463

I posted a photo yesterday on Instagram, one of two baby-faced people with the hashtag #childbride to highlight how young and completely different and dorky we looked 17 years ago. We were in our twenties, really not that young, but now looking at the picture it seems we were teenagers, much too fresh to know […] Read More

A new day. A new me. Yesterday I attended a one-day event in Denver for women juggling work and family. Right from the beginning the event’s planners said they’re opposed to the notion of ‘balance’. That instead, they frame life in terms of “mix”. Women have a mix of work, family, interests and that everyone’s […] Read More