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A paper chain. Remember those? Red and green alternating construction paper looped and stapled together to count down the days until Christmas? Since I haven't done one since my own childhood the thought is part nostalgia, part simplicity of Christmas excitement. And since simplicity and Advent should go together, we're bringing the paper chain back! […] Read More

Christmas chillaxin w:words 2

  I often speak to MOPS groups. They are my people. Moms who are exhausted and don’t care really what I say because they’re so happy to be eating a plate of food that is still hot when they sit down that they don't have to share with anyone else. So no matter the topic, […] Read More

In a panic about spending, gifts and Christmas? A few last minute basics on keeping Christmas about more than money. Today at MOPS International's Hello Darling blog, 5  Tactics to Minimize Money Stress Over the Holidays. And a few ideas I didn't include there that you can still put into practice this last week as […] Read More

Today’s reading Jeremiah 33:14-16 It’s all about promises kept. Promises that took a long time to fulfill. But eventually kept. I listened to the Doc McStuffins Christmas special as I made dinner this week. Girls curled up in front of the TV, totally happy to be listening to a conversation between the beloved girl who […] Read More