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A photo by David Schap. unsplash.com/photos/W5TJpNKI9c4

The Internet tells me today is International Day of the Girl. Well every day is the day of the girl around here. My 24-hours are filled with waking, clothing, feeding, driving, praying for, rolling my eyes at, arguing with, laughing with and totally loving (perhaps occasionally smothering) my four daughters. And there is much talk […] Read More

Change. It's inevitable. It can be exciting, for a moment. It can be scary, especially as it approaches. It can be exhausting, almost always. And yet we rarely talk about how to maneuver through it. Weeks ago, when I was in the crazy of finishing my book manuscript I had a number of friends who […] Read More

Hello Beauty Full

I promised on Tuesdays for the next few weeks I'd be adding to the Back to School Reading List For Moms. Well let me introduce you to this gem of a book Hello Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan. Elisa's written a number of books, countless articles and spoken from many stages where I've sat on […] Read More


  I spent a good portion of this weekend working. Editing some early chapters of a new book. A book that is well….all about me. Yes it feels like the second book about me which is awkward right? Who wants to read more about this girl? What is there possibly left to say? I could […] Read More