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It’s Day One around here. Of Summer. My children got out of school on Friday. I’m slightly terrified. Just based on how the weekend went. Sure we had lots of fun. Soccer games and water fights in the backyard with swimming suits and barefeet. And finally church after being gone a month of Sundays. Kind […] Read More


A paper chain. Remember those? Red and green alternating construction paper looped and stapled together to count down the days until Christmas? Since I haven't done one since my own childhood the thought is part nostalgia, part simplicity of Christmas excitement. And since simplicity and Advent should go together, we're bringing the paper chain back! […] Read More

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  Well it’s officially back to school time. My youngest started preschool last week and now that Labor Day has come and gone, moms all over the country have their school-aged kids working at their kitchen tables or sitting in classrooms learning (hopefully) the magic of reading.   So it seemed fitting that I do […] Read More


The latest issue of MOPS International's Hello Dearest magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. And tucked among the articles on friendship was one I wrote for moms of older kids on sibling relationships titled Summer is Sibling Time. Because longer days and more free time makes for a lot of togetherness. (Depending on how your […] Read More


How did this happen? That March arrived so soon? When the Christmas tree was just up yesterday? Or at least it seemed. I’m bracing myself for March Madness. There are no brackets involved (though our family’s Google calendar with it’s different color for every member looks as complicated as any bracket out there), no bets, […] Read More