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I put on the sweatshirt this morning. The one I was wearing a week ago. I haven’t worn it since last Friday and when I pulled it out of my closet today and over my head, I hoped to claim a new day for it. It’s grey and has a cowl neck (that’s a thing […] Read More

It was just a few months ago, typing away in a private Facebook group for an online class, where I used this phrase, “I am a writer.” Our instructor had challenged us as a group to claim the title, writer. For many of my fellow cyber classmates I appeared to have the needed resume, I’ve […] Read More

She asked me today about the airplanes, the ones that crashed into the buildings. I knew what she was talking about. Those twin towers that I never paid any attention to until they weren’t there anymore. They came down before I knew she would ever be real, before her big sister was even in my […] Read More

She stood on the side of the pool, goggles on, swim cap tight, shivering and crying. Pathetic. Skinny. Meek. Might all be words that described how my eight-year old appeared. She stepped off the side of the pool and dropped feet first into the water. And then swam, arms flapping, slapping the water making waves […] Read More