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“Mom…you don’t have to be perfect!” I sensed a tension in her tone, but I was unsure the reason. Judgment? Disappointment? Recognition of hypocrisy personified right in front of her? My gaze moved from the mirror and landed on this girl standing next to me. This mini-me. This one watching and figuring out what it […] Read More


I’ve been talking a bit the last week about joining the Daughter Dare that starts Monday, but I haven’t really explained what it is or why you’d want to. So it’s time to cover the basics and get psyched. First, what is the Daughter Dare? Well, my friend who I adore more than almost anyone […] Read More

A year ago I was asked to do a workshop on raising girls for an audience of mothers with kids in the preschool years. There is lots of information out there about raising girls, but the books and advice really focus on tweens and older since that’s when most of us parents start panicking about […] Read More