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Hello Beauty Full

I promised on Tuesdays for the next few weeks I'd be adding to the Back to School Reading List For Moms. Well let me introduce you to this gem of a book Hello Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan. Elisa's written a number of books, countless articles and spoken from many stages where I've sat on […] Read More


  I spent a good portion of this weekend working. Editing some early chapters of a new book. A book that is well….all about me. Yes it feels like the second book about me which is awkward right? Who wants to read more about this girl? What is there possibly left to say? I could […] Read More

Pretty Quote, Tammy Strait

I met Tammy Strait in real life last summer when I was on a family vacation visiting my friend Krista in Idaho. Krista and Tammy are neighbors and one day during our trip Tammy and her 3 sons came over for lunch. It was casual yet hardly superficial. Because though we were meeting  face to […] Read More

I have a friend at church from South Sudan. She watches the world news through the lens of how will this impact "my country" as she refers to her homeland. I listen to her prayer requests and am reminded what a sheltered, comfortable, American life I lead. My friend's heart is tethered to South Sudan. […] Read More


  In a world that screams what I should be, how I should look, what I should wear and how I should spend my time, this is what I choose to believe: I believe that I am…. …made for great things. For rocking babies, holding friends’ hands, praying on behalf of those who can’t mutter […] Read More