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loving my actual life

In this entertaining and relatable book, Alexandra Kuykendall chronicles her nine-month experiment to rekindle her love of her ordinary "actual" life. After wiping her calendar as clean as a mother of four can, Kuykendall focuses on one aspect of her life each month, searching for ways to more fully enjoy her current season. read more...

A book came out a few days ago. A book about small changes in the midst of the ordinary. My ordinary. Changes that weren’t earth shattering or revolutionary, but ones that would push me toward enjoying the mundane a little more. Because I didn’t want to wish this one life away, I wanted to relish […] Read More


“What does success look like for you?” My friend Janis asked me this just a few days ago. I was indulging in a whipped cream topped crepe filled with Nutella and raspberry compote because we were celebrating. And I wasn’t in the mood for holding back. In calories or conversation. It’s true Janis is my […] Read More


Hi Friends! I know I've dropped some hints. But in case you missed them, I have a new book coming out! Yes, May 3rd! Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me chronicles my nine-month experiment to accomplish exactly what the title says: loving my actual life a little […] Read More


I did a workshop at a little writers’ conference last weekend. The topic for my breakout was Blogging As a Platform. Which, if you look around these parts, you may wonder why I was asked to present on such a subject. My last post was over a month ago, I hardly receive any comments, and […] Read More


The conversation between my husband and my four-year old last night at 5:30: “Daddy can we play on the ipad?” “What did Mommy say?” “She left.” “She’s not here?” “No.” “She left?” “She went to go play a game where you get a ticket and then you win millions and millions of dollars.” On a […] Read More


How did this happen? That March arrived so soon? When the Christmas tree was just up yesterday? Or at least it seemed. I’m bracing myself for March Madness. There are no brackets involved (though our family’s Google calendar with it’s different color for every member looks as complicated as any bracket out there), no bets, […] Read More

Loving My Actual Life

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids, Like the cool kids they seem to fit in.” Cool Kids, Echosmith The lines from the song get stuck in my head, repeated constantly. Partly because the tune and mostly because the truth resonates. No matter the age, we all want to fit in. Though […] Read More