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Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage. No romantic dinner tonight. Instead captured glances at the sidelines of a soccer game will have to do. Because we are in the throes of parenting. The busy and the chaos. But we don't mind. We will snatch our time together somewhere in the next week. So in […] Read More


  Father’s Day is approaching. A hard marker for lots of people for lots of reasons.   I’ve spent the last two days in Kansas City talking demographic trends and though I’ve looked at the numbers before, I’m once again overwhelmed with the percentage of kids living apart from a parent, most often a dad. […] Read More


By Hollywood’s standards it may not look like much. Because it’s a steady love without a lot of upheaval. It goes to the grocery store together, pays for emergency room visits and once in a while goes on a vacation. It has none of the mystery. By Hollywood’s standards. But by real life standards the […] Read More


I was first introduced to the Bravermans in Season 2. Working for a mothering organization I figured it was important to be up on a major network show called Parenthood. As I sat on the sofa, my legs curled around me, my own kids tucked into bed, I wondered how I’d let an entire season […] Read More

2009 463

I posted a photo yesterday on Instagram, one of two baby-faced people with the hashtag #childbride to highlight how young and completely different and dorky we looked 17 years ago. We were in our twenties, really not that young, but now looking at the picture it seems we were teenagers, much too fresh to know […] Read More

How I Love My Kids by Loving their DadFor Mother’s Day I’m over at the MOPS International blog Hello, Darling writing about how my marriage impacts my kids. It’s impossible for me to separate my mothering from my marriage, it’s all part of my family […] Read More