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All weekend I’ve been thinking about President Obama’s comments about mothers and the choice to stay home. If you missed this sound bite media frenzy, you can quickly read up on it here. If you are looking for an angry post about why his words were scandalous, you can stop reading now. I’m not writing […] Read More

Last year at a dinner at MOMcon in Kansas City I found myself sitting next to a new friend, Kasey Johnson. Delightful is truly how I describe her. She is a woman about solutions but with a soft edge that is encouraging not guilt-enducing. I knew I could glean some tips from her and I […] Read More

She stood on the side of the pool, goggles on, swim cap tight, shivering and crying. Pathetic. Skinny. Meek. Might all be words that described how my eight-year old appeared. She stepped off the side of the pool and dropped feet first into the water. And then swam, arms flapping, slapping the water making waves […] Read More