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Loving My Actual Life

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids, Like the cool kids they seem to fit in.” Cool Kids, Echosmith The lines from the song get stuck in my head, repeated constantly. Partly because the tune and mostly because the truth resonates. No matter the age, we all want to fit in. Though […] Read More

The presence of fear is not the absence of courage, it is the soil of it. This post is also featured on the MOPS blog Hello Darling! today. Shhhhhh, it’s okay, Mommy’s here. Words I whisper often in the dark. During a child’s night terror. Or fever. Or middle of the night change of the […] Read More

Ten reasons why turning 40 is better than turning 30 Last week I hit a milestone, well actually a milestone toward a milestone. I hit the month countdown to my 40th birthday. Now in a matter of weeks plus a few days I will have a birthday that honestly I am dreading. Why? I’m not […] Read More

I want to be a writer. To put down words that capture the essence of something so difficult to put your hands around. To make the intangible, tangible through black and white and little letters and fonts. And I have so little time to do it. To write. Because I have so little time to […] Read More