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I did a workshop at a little writers’ conference last weekend. The topic for my breakout was Blogging As a Platform. Which, if you look around these parts, you may wonder why I was asked to present on such a subject. My last post was over a month ago, I hardly receive any comments, and […] Read More

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  Well it’s officially back to school time. My youngest started preschool last week and now that Labor Day has come and gone, moms all over the country have their school-aged kids working at their kitchen tables or sitting in classrooms learning (hopefully) the magic of reading.   So it seemed fitting that I do […] Read More


I love a good deal. And I really love a free deal. And I really, really love moms. And Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday! That said, I’m happy to be joining a whole bunch of other writer-types who also love moms in the Mother of all Mother’s Day Giveaways hosted by Grace for Moms. It' […] Read More


All around me there is evidence I have four children. In my house. My car. My garage. Even the stains on my clothes reveal motherhood. Depending on the day, my inner pendulum swings between embracing the mess and resenting every crumb maker in my family. Yesterday I looked at the kitchen floor and saw a […] Read More


“Mom…you don’t have to be perfect!” I sensed a tension in her tone, but I was unsure the reason. Judgment? Disappointment? Recognition of hypocrisy personified right in front of her? My gaze moved from the mirror and landed on this girl standing next to me. This mini-me. This one watching and figuring out what it […] Read More


  This feels like one big introduction of friends, a holiday party right here. Because I want you to know these interesting, smart, talented women, and I want them to know you. Some might call this a “Ones to Watch” list, women who are on the rise in their writing and speaking. But I don’t […] Read More

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There are a million reasons plus a million more why I think my daughters are fantastic and straight up beautiful. So I don’t think twice about talking to them about all the parts that make them who they are, like the choices they make, the things they like to play and who they are playing […] Read More


She’s wearing her hair in a side braid today. It falls over her left shoulder. At risk of sounding cliché, I swear she grew taller last night. Her neon yellow shorts accentuate how her legs are almost as long as mine, those legs that were formed in the darkness, swaddled by my hips. She is […] Read More

35 Steps to (Prepare to Go) Camping with a Toddler (Hey friends this post appears today over at the Hello, Darling blog! Comment here and comment there!) Camping. It always sounds like such a good idea when you reserve the campsite in February. You are sure potty training will be successful and done and all […] Read More

Me? That mom? Are you sure […] Read More