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In a world of comparison and discontent, it can feel impossible to be happy with life as we know it. Other people seem to have it all together, to be finding success, to be having more fun. But we weren't meant for a life characterized by dissatisfaction. read more...

I’m lying in bed as I write this. While my family is at one of the season’s last soccer games (okay so maybe I’m not disappointed to be missing soccer game #326 of this spring.) And I’m in a weird place. A scratchy chest, coughing, piercing headache kind of place. I am flat out sick. […] Read More


Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage. No romantic dinner tonight. Instead captured glances at the sidelines of a soccer game will have to do. Because we are in the throes of parenting. The busy and the chaos. But we don't mind. We will snatch our time together somewhere in the next week. So in […] Read More


I did a workshop at a little writers’ conference last weekend. The topic for my breakout was Blogging As a Platform. Which, if you look around these parts, you may wonder why I was asked to present on such a subject. My last post was over a month ago, I hardly receive any comments, and […] Read More

Christmas chillaxin w:words 2

  I often speak to MOPS groups. They are my people. Moms who are exhausted and don’t care really what I say because they’re so happy to be eating a plate of food that is still hot when they sit down that they don't have to share with anyone else. So no matter the topic, […] Read More

Reclaiming Home image

  Well it’s officially back to school time. My youngest started preschool last week and now that Labor Day has come and gone, moms all over the country have their school-aged kids working at their kitchen tables or sitting in classrooms learning (hopefully) the magic of reading.   So it seemed fitting that I do […] Read More

Lalo Star

Yesterday was my youngest’s fourth birthday.* She is my baby in the sense that she is at the end of the family, but I don’t tend to think of her that way because they are all my babies. But yesterday I felt the sting that my “baby” is growing up. Summer at our house is […] Read More


The latest issue of MOPS International's Hello Dearest magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. And tucked among the articles on friendship was one I wrote for moms of older kids on sibling relationships titled Summer is Sibling Time. Because longer days and more free time makes for a lot of togetherness. (Depending on how your […] Read More


  Father’s Day is approaching. A hard marker for lots of people for lots of reasons.   I’ve spent the last two days in Kansas City talking demographic trends and though I’ve looked at the numbers before, I’m once again overwhelmed with the percentage of kids living apart from a parent, most often a dad. […] Read More


We have celebrities in our lives, people we get giddy when we meet or see in person. But then we have heroes, those people who embody the character and grit we admire. They are the people we emulate because we want to be more like them. They don’t have to be famous, no big twitter […] Read More


I put on the sweatshirt this morning. The one I was wearing a week ago. I haven’t worn it since last Friday and when I pulled it out of my closet today and over my head, I hoped to claim a new day for it. It’s grey and has a cowl neck (that’s a thing […] Read More