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Front Porch Flag

    When I hear the term ‘God Bless America’, I sometimes assume meaning behind it that may or may not be true. That it has a political posturing indicating we are the greatest nation to ever be. As a girl I traveled the world. I learned that Americans, though we can easily convince ourselves […] Read More

Kookaburra on perch, Victoria, ca. 1900 / Nicholas Caire

What if you are entering 2015 with no resolutions but survival? Or maintaining the status quo? What if there is no big word to live into? Or the word is something you don’t want to share? Like sobriety? Or grief? Just a shout out that if name it and claim it is not your game […] Read More

Today’s reading: Isaiah 6 Here is a portion. "Look. This coal has touched your lips. Gone your guilt, your sins wiped out.” And then I heard the voice of the Master: "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” I spoke up, "I’ll go. Send me!” Isaiah 6:7-8 My prayer: Lord send me when […] Read More