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The conversation between my husband and my four-year old last night at 5:30: “Daddy can we play on the ipad?” “What did Mommy say?” “She left.” “She’s not here?” “No.” “She left?” “She went to go play a game where you get a ticket and then you win millions and millions of dollars.” On a […] Read More


Derek and I paused our Sunday night Netflix consumption to watch a story on our local NBC station. This story about Purple Door Coffee Shop is filled with Derek’s friends and soon to be partners. Providence Network is in the process of buying a property to house young adults coming off of the streets. They […] Read More


My husband Derek and I are raising four girls. As far as we’re concerned the four most precious souls that walk this planet. As we parent, our intent is for them to grow up knowing their worth and our prayer is they live with the confidence of loved people. I write today as a mother […] Read More