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A week ago today I was headed to my 20-year college reunion. I packed my things in my college suitcase, the one I received as a Christmas gift my junior year.  (I know! The same suitcase! So much symbolism. Same bones, but with a few rips and wear and not very fashionable. Pretty much sums […] Read More


It’s Day One around here. Of Summer. My children got out of school on Friday. I’m slightly terrified. Just based on how the weekend went. Sure we had lots of fun. Soccer games and water fights in the backyard with swimming suits and barefeet. And finally church after being gone a month of Sundays. Kind […] Read More

Happy Birthday Peter

  My neighbor made me feel better today.   He stood in our driveway and commented that my kids were making great memories this summer. He noticed how often we’ve been leaving overnight. Our camping gear in and out of the garage. Our blinds pulled for days at a time.   I pictured the scene […] Read More

5 Friends I'd Like You to Know (Summer Version)

About 6 months ago I did a post about 5 friends I think more people should know (and follow in this cyber space world.) If you missed the post, you can find it here because they are truly lovely and I'd like to introduce you. Well it’s right about the smack dab middle of summer […] Read More