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World Relief | South Sudan, Unity State

“Thumbprints, a defining biometric, prove that every person is as human as the next. They speak to the irreplaceable and unrepeatable nature of a single human life.” –One Million Thumbprints I’m writing this as I snuggle one of my girls into bed. The puppy is in her crate next to us. We have full tummies. […] Read More

Change. It's inevitable. It can be exciting, for a moment. It can be scary, especially as it approaches. It can be exhausting, almost always. And yet we rarely talk about how to maneuver through it. Weeks ago, when I was in the crazy of finishing my book manuscript I had a number of friends who […] Read More


  I’m working on not apologizing.   I attended an event a number of weeks ago for working women. Women In the Mix is in its second year and supports women by helping them explore and manage their own version of the “mix”: family, home management, work, self-care and community. Each of these areas of […] Read More