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working mom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m sure no one has been dying to know where I’ve been, but maybe those visiting this spot for the first time have found it a bit of a ghost town. And it’s hard to describe in words exactly where I've been which is why I’ve been […] Read More


“What does success look like for you?” My friend Janis asked me this just a few days ago. I was indulging in a whipped cream topped crepe filled with Nutella and raspberry compote because we were celebrating. And I wasn’t in the mood for holding back. In calories or conversation. It’s true Janis is my […] Read More


Hi Friends! I know I've dropped some hints. But in case you missed them, I have a new book coming out! Yes, May 3rd! Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What’s Right in Front of Me chronicles my nine-month experiment to accomplish exactly what the title says: loving my actual life a little […] Read More


I’m sure, just sure, you’ve been missing my thoughts around here, am I right? Okay, so maybe you haven’t noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a bit, but it’s because I’ve been busy with all kinds of fun crazy. I finished up my two big work projects for this year. Here is what I’ve […] Read More

Lalo Star

Yesterday was my youngest’s fourth birthday.* She is my baby in the sense that she is at the end of the family, but I don’t tend to think of her that way because they are all my babies. But yesterday I felt the sting that my “baby” is growing up. Summer at our house is […] Read More


  I spent a good portion of this weekend working. Editing some early chapters of a new book. A book that is well….all about me. Yes it feels like the second book about me which is awkward right? Who wants to read more about this girl? What is there possibly left to say? I could […] Read More


Derek and I paused our Sunday night Netflix consumption to watch a story on our local NBC station. This story about Purple Door Coffee Shop is filled with Derek’s friends and soon to be partners. Providence Network is in the process of buying a property to house young adults coming off of the streets. They […] Read More

It was just a few months ago, typing away in a private Facebook group for an online class, where I used this phrase, “I am a writer.” Our instructor had challenged us as a group to claim the title, writer. For many of my fellow cyber classmates I appeared to have the needed resume, I’ve […] Read More

I want to be a writer. To put down words that capture the essence of something so difficult to put your hands around. To make the intangible, tangible through black and white and little letters and fonts. And I have so little time to do it. To write. Because I have so little time to […] Read More